Change prefix, disable entire channels through whitelist or blacklist, disable command per channel, set permission require to role or inheritance and more.

All the core features and utilities are free to use. To make it worth subscribing, we extend to other features beyond the core concept of the bot. There are also rewards for voting, to boost your already free tools.

Free and paid
Great uptime

Over the past year the bot has had an uptime of 99.99%! The bot and all its features use a variety of robust services, from Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services.

Highlighted features


{{prefix}}watermark ?

Provide an image link or attachment, and recieve a CDN link with watermark on. You can pick between black and white text, and define your own opacity.

If you vote, you can use a custom 200x200 pixel watermark for 48 hours, saved in your profile — which also accept an opacity between 0 and 100.


{{prefix}}profile ?

Set up a designer profile — carried across any guild. Use profiles to browse users that does a type of work in the guild. Set minimum budget, working fields, social media links, banner, description, and so on.

Search for other users profile while they’re away, and check out their linked portfolios!


{{prefix}}meme ?

Purely memes that designers and artists can relate to. This is a community driven library. You can submit your own memes very easily, and you will get notified in DM if it gets accepted.

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