About Grafik


Grafik started out as a private tool for one specific guild. It has since evolved, and aspire to be an all-around tool for all designer/artist guilds. Perhaps later it can become more than just that.

As of right now, the goal of the bot is very specifically to be for designers/artist guilds, which means making tools that are not just directly related to the invidiuals, but also the operation of the guild itself.

Grafik is coded from scratch with NodeJS, and uses for the most part a custom internal API for many of the tools.

It is developed by VirtusGraphics#0001 — as the name suggests, a graphic designer, starting around Christmas of 2017, and public release arond June 2018. It's a free to use bot, with extended features that will provide for its hosting.

As of January 2020 the bot's development has reached a milestone of stability and useability, and the focus going forward will be on the website and third party interactions with the bot (e.g. API's), before going back again to bot development. You can see changelog in the support guild if you want to follow the progress.


Last updated 12. February 2020
  1. Finish website index
  2. Finish website command documentation
  3. Create a FAQ page
  4. Make premium publicly available
  5. Integrate a dashboard
  6. Finish rest of the site
  7. Set up public API's

You can follow along with the development in the support guild. Changelog updates for both the bot and site is kept up to date there.

While the current focus is on the website, running bug-fixes on the bot will of course be a thing. If you encounter a bug, report it with {{prefix}}bug <message>

If you have any suggestions on the bot or features in general, you can use {{prefix}}suggest <message>